BergerPrimer ® P

1K-Grundierung auf Basis hochwertiger Kunstharzdispersionen. Lösemittelfrei! Speziell zur Grundierung von stark saugfähigen, mineralischen Untergründen in Kombination mit BergerBond ® D1.

Weiterbearbeitbar nach: 1-2 Std.

Ablüftzeit: keine

Fußbodenheizung: geeignet

Verbrauch: ca. 150 g/m²



5,5 kg – EUR 95,97



1-component primer on the basis of high-quality polyurethane raw materials. Free of water and solvents! Specially recommended for priming under BergerBond P1, BergerBond P2/P2S, BergerBond M1P/M1/M1S/M1X and BergerBond K1. Suited for absorbing and non-absorbing subfloors.
Technical data.
Mixing ratio:not applicable.
Fit for further work on after: 1-2h.
Flash-off time: no.
Suitable for in-floor heating: yes.
In case of problems with remaining moisture (capillary rising), BergerBond Primer P can be used as moisture barrier up to 4% CM maximum.
All data are based on standard climate (23°C and 50% rel. humidity). If the conditions differ from this standard, the times will differ too!
Special note:
Do not use BergerBond Primer P in conditions below + 15°C or above 65% rel. humidity. In the cold season adhesive and flooring elements should be given time to reach the same temperature.
Thoroughly shake BergerBond Primer P before using.
When applying the primer with the foam roller (BergerTool Schaumstoffrolle) or with the brush, take care to spread it evenly. Don’t allow puddles to build up.
If you don’t give the BergerBond Primer P time enough to dry, when applying the hardwood floor adhesive, bubbles will occur. In this case the adhesion is failing.
When BergerBond Primer P is used as moisture barrier, it must be applied in 3 layers. The individual layers are applied crosswise. Each layer must be dry and must have got a closed film to make a perfect bond under putties and adhesives; only after that work can continue.
The last layer is to be sprinkled with sand when still wet so that to get an optimum connection with the surfaces or adhesives to be applied upon it. When using the product under PUR or silane adhesives, you can do without sanding within a period of 48 hours.
When used as primer: approx. 150 g/m2.
When used as moisture barrier:
approx. 400 g/m2, depending on the absorbing capacity of the substrate.
The subfloor must be clean (free of contaminations), dry (permanently dry), firm, plane and free of cracks. The requirements of DIN 18356 “Wood flooring works” must be met.
The primer’s use as moisture barrier against capillary rising moisture is an exception.
If the adhesives BergerBond P1, BergerBond P2/P2S, BergerBond M1P/M1/M1S/M1X and BergerBond K1 are used upon in-floor heating, it has to be checked if the subfloor needs to be primed with BergerBond Primer P. The primer must dry sufficiently.
In case BergerBond Primer P is applied upon anhydrite or anhydrite flowing screeds, the subfloor must be mechanically pre-treated according to the valid standards or the manufacturers’ instructions.