AquaSeal FireStop

AquaSeal® FireStop is a 3-component, water-based primer based on polyurethane.

3- 4 hours

6,5 l – EUR 368,95


AquaSeal FireStop is a 3-component, water-based primer based on polyurethane. This product is highly abrasion- resistant, very chemicals-resistant and is to be recommended for high-traffic hardwood floors. AquaSeal® FireStop is suitable as primer. The final coating must be done with AquaSeal® 2KPU.
AquaSeal FireStop is mixed as follows, shortly before use: 10 parts- AquaSeal FireStop; 2 parts- AquaSeal FireStop Add, add and mix, after that 1part- AquaSeal FireStop Hardener.
For mixing, use the BergerTool MixBox coming with the material.
Stir well immediately upon admixing the hardener. The mixture is good for 2 hours (pot life), that means although the mixture remains liquid for about one day, it shouldn’t be used any more after 2 hours because of reduced resistances of the dried lacquer film. Mix only as much material as needed. The mixture releases CO2 – so, to avoid bursting, do not close the can air-tight! The material is roller/brush-applied in 2 coats and finish coated with AquaSeal 2KPU.
Special tip
Unlike conventional, solvent-based lacquers, AquaSeal Fire Stop should be applied in rich coats. Do not thin-roller the material.
We recommend, in order to avoid excessive swelling pressure, to roller-apply only one coat per day, so that the wood gets enough time to give off the absorbed water. In the main the lacquer can be sanded and cautiously walked on after 3-4 hrs (23°C/50% rel. humidity). In case of bad ventilation, low temperature or increased coat thickness the drying may be delayed considerably. Do not expose to wear, cover with carpets or apply care products for 8-14 days.
Depending on wood surfaces and method of working: 1coat rollared/brushed: approx 100 ml/m2 resp.approx. 10 m2/1l.