Pafudima FlexFill Color – flexible filler

The silicone-free problem-solver on acrylate basis for sealing hardwood-floor joints.
The consumption results from the formula: joint length x joint width x joint depth.

Depending on climate and volume, AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color can be sanded after about 18-24 h and can be put under use after 2-3 days.

310 ml – EUR 13,76


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AquaSeal Pafudima FlexFill Color is the silicone-free problem-solver on acrylate basis for sealing hardwood-floor joints. This high-quality specialty product is sandable in a short time and can be topcoated with all commercial hardwood-floor finishes. AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color features an excellent self-adhesion and can be just as well used as adhesive. AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color is elastic, free of solvents and no-odour; it can be used on finished and unfinished hardwood-floors.

AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color is applied with a commercially available cartridge applicator gun. The area to be worked on must be clean, dry and free of dust and fat. All joints must be cleaned and hoovered. Oil/wax residues in the joints impact the compound’s adhesion to the contact areas.
The joint width can be from 10 to 30 mm. After sufficient drying AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color can be sanded and top coated. As there cannot be made any statement or assertion on the durability of the bond between compound and hardwood-floor finish after many months and years of aging, it is recommended to apply the material after the finishing is completed. For this the last finish coat must have dried sufficiently. After the application the sealed area must be treated with care products to balance out the sticky effect.
The joints’ borders must be masked with smooth self- adhesive tape. To fill wider gaps, the BergerTool Pafudima Rundschnur (round cord) should be used. This way the sealing compound bonds only horizontally to two sides. If the bonding is to be to three sides, that is downwards, too, to the screed then the joint sealing is less durable. By filling the joint with BergerTool Pafudima Rundschnur there is no bond to the subfloor thus enabling this contact side to contract/expand freely. The general technical rules for sealing with elastic sealants are to be followed.
Working temperature: +5°C to +35°C. Temperature resistance: -20°C to +80°C
When the material is drying, it is shrinking. That’s why, as the case may be, the joints must be sanded once again. The final color only develops when the material has completely hardened.