AquaSeal PAK Stop – filler for large gaps

High-elastic trowel filler for closing of wide joints; best suitable also for plank flooring.
The mixed paste is quickly applied to the complete sanded floor (grain size 60, 80 or 100) using a stainless steel trowel.
Approx. 100 ml/m2 resp. approx. 10 m2/l
14-16 hours
4,5 kg + 1,2 kg – EUR 212,03 reduced price. The basic price of the product is EUR 265,04


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AquaSeal® PAK-Stop is a high-elastic trowel filler for encasing problematic PAK’s (polycyclic aromatic hydro- carbons) for example, emerging from adhesives of old hardwood floors. Of course, AquaSeal® PAK-Stop can also be optimally used as an elastic floor filler. By means of this environment-friendly waterborne product, valuable old floors can be saved and restored at a reasonable price. The outlets of PAK‘s are sealed reducing the emission to a great extent. This restoration method requires that the adhesive bedding is still intact. Giscode: W2+

Application: AquaSeal® PAK-Stop is a clear product which is colored and hardened by adding approx. 30% AquaSeal® PafukiPulver (powder) of a matching wood-color. Immediately before use, AquaSeal® PafukiPulver is added and mechanically stirred in order to achieve a homogeneous filler compound suitable for trowelling.

Example: 4,5 kg AquaSeal® PAK-Stop and 1,35 kg AquaSeal® PafukiPulver corresponding to a volume of approx. 2l.

The floor to be restored must be carefully sanded and cleaned. Wax residues must be removed from the joints since they may affect the lateral adhesion of AquaSeal® PAK-Stop. If necessary, an adhesion test should be carried out.

The mixed paste is quickly applied to the complete sanded floor (grain size 60, 80 or 100) using a stainless steel trowel without leaving any residues Residues of old fillers must be removed in advance.

Expansion gaps also have to be sealed so that the effect of the method is not affected. Since AquaSeal® PAK-Stop is permanently high-elastic, expansion gaps are allowed to move to a large extent. In this case, the protection against PAK-emission is given priority.

Shrinking of AquaSeal® PAK-Stop in very large joints during the drying process must be considered as normal. In this case, a second coat (also partially) must be applied after an overnight dry.

After sufficient drying, the surface is sanded once again (grain size 60/80) to the bare wood and examined as to complete sealing of the joints, if necessary, the procedure is repeated. After fine sanding, the floor can be coated with any kind of our finishing products.

The steps of restructuring can be performed with our water- based paint systems. AquaSeal® GreenStar is particularly suitable for this, but AquaSeal® 2KPU or AquaSeal® EcoGold can also be used. In this case, the occurring swelling of wood, which could damage the old adhesive bed, must be noted (we recommend one roller application per day! Observe use restrictions!). Alternatively, the use of SolvSeal LT Export Extra, which has a low tendency to side-gluing, is possible. The mixed filler compound remains stable overnight provided that it is mixed correctly and kept in a closed container at room temperature. This product is not suitable as vapour barrier, for example, against rising humidity.

Drying: at 23°C/50% rel. humidity sandable after approx. 14-16 h. Unsufficient ventilation, low temperatures, high humidity or thick coats may delay drying considerably. The drying time of very oily wood species may be delayed up to 36 hours.

Consumption: depending on substrate and working method: Average consumption: approx. 100 ml/m2 resp. approx. 10 m2/l.In case of large joints and cavaties, consumption may be increased considerably. Sanding of surfaces treated AquaSeal® PAK-Stop requires more time and more abrasives compared with standard filling compounds.

Storage / transport: shelf life of original unopened packing 15 months min. provided that material is transported and stored at a cool and dry place protected from freezing.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.


Note: new joints resulting from wood shrinkage can be sealed with AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color.