AquaSeal SpachtelGel

AquaSeal SpachtelGel is a high-quality troweling gel, soft as butter. Its high filling capacity shows especially in between the coats of AquaSeal water-borne hardwood-floor finishes. Thanks to this product, a very beautiful and uniform look of the floor surface is achieved.
Approx. 15-20 ml/m2 resp. approx. 60 m2/l
Dry time
Surface can be recoated after approx. 30–60 min.
With stainless steel trowel
5l – EUR 166,98


AquaSeal® SpachtelGel is a quickly drying gel-like trowel compound based on water-thinnable acrylate polyurethane dispersions. AquaSeal® SpachtelGel is almost odourless, inflammable and suitable as intermediate coat for our water- based AquaSeal® finishes. Please refer to the individual Technical Data Sheets of the finishes.
The gel-like consistency of the material achieves closed surfaces and covers small joints resulting in an excellent filling capacity and a brilliant visual effect. Compared with finishes, the drying time of AquaSeal® SpachtelGel can quickly be sealed over.
The material is applied in 2 cross-trowel coats with stainless trowel. After drying, the surface is recoated without screening. The working method must be adjusted to the use of the floor.
Standard climate 23°C/50% rel. humidity: Surface can be recoated after approx. 30–60 min. Insufficient ventilation, low temperatures, high humidity or increased coat thickness may delay drying considerably. Prior to recoating, the surface must be sufficiently dry.
Depending on floor surface and working method: 1 intermediate coat: approx. 15-20 ml/m2 resp. approx. 60 m2/l