Avalon Naturharz-Olsiegel – colored oil with wax

Waterproof oil with wax that penetrates deep into the surface and is permeable to water vapor. Officially recognized as suitable for children’s toys.


First coat: 1l is for approx. 22 m². Second coat for approx. 88 m², depending on absorbency and surface properties of the subsoil is also considerably less.


0,25 l – EUR 12,71

0,75 l – EUR 28,24

2,5 l – EUR 78,02

10 l – EUR 229,78


* The terms of the contract and the right of withdrawal can be found in the Documents section.


* This product is one of the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 255, 22nd article exceptions, where the customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.


Waterproof oil with wax that penetrates deep into the surface and is permeable to water vapor. Complies with DIN 53160, tested for saliva and sweat. Complies with DIN EN 71 Part 3, officially recognized as suitable for children’s toys.


Clorless and another 17 shades.


Linseed oil, linseed oil stand oil natural resin ester, natural oil boiling, titanium dioxide (for white), isoaliphatic, soybean oil, silica, lead-free drying agents (Co, Ca, Zr).

Surface preparation

The substrate must be dry, hard, free of dust and absorbent. Depending on the type of wood and the desired depth of oil penetration, the surface is sanded with 100 to 180 grains of sandpaper. The coarser the grind, the deeper the oil will penetrate the surface.

Important: Stir the oil well before use!


With an oil sponge, brush, spray or dip. The room and surface temperature must be above + 15 ° C.

An evenly impregnated wooden surface can be achieved with the wet-on-wet working method, which means that the oil is applied to the surface until the wood can no longer absorb it. The oil is applied to the surface and after 30 minutes the shiny layer of oil is spread on those parts of the surface where the oil is completely absorbed. Then apply more oil to the dry areas. After 20 minutes, wipe off any excess oil that has not soaked into the surface with a well-absorbing cloth or white felt/pad, allowing the surface to dry to avoid glossy and matte stains.

If the surface is sticky after treatment, it means that the surface has been treated incorrectly because the excess oil has not been wiped off properly. Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours. The next layers are also present until the surface is no longer able to absorb oil. The better the impregnated surface, the greater the surface resistance to moisture and dirt. Before treating the surface with other Avalon products (hard wax, floor milk, etc.), make sure that the surface is thoroughly impregnated with oil and is completely dry.

Surface restoration

Surfaces treated with a pore-closing layer completely sand the old layer. For open pore treated surfaces layer, clean the old layer thoroughly with Avalon soap concentrate, if necessary, also sand. Applying oil is the same as applying a new one surface (see “Lubricating the Untreated Surface” section of the manual). Avalon Refresher, Avalon can also be used to restore the surface Fuβbodenwachs or Avalon Flϋssigwachs. Vacuum the surface thoroughly and clean with Avalon Pflanzenseife soap concentrate. On a clean, apply regenerating wax on dry surfaces.

Drying time

In normal indoor climate (+ 23º C / 50% humidity): The surface has dried after about 10-12 hours. You can walk on the surface and perform further treatment after about 24 hours. It is necessary to ventilate the room well to ensure that the oil dries. At higher temperatures excess oil must be removed from the surface more quickly. At lower temperatures and higher humidity, please observe a longer drying time.


See oiled and waxed floor care instructions. With Avalon floor milk and Avalon soap concentrate (see product technical instructions). For heavily loaded floors, it is recommended to apply wax 1-2 times a year.

Packaging and consumption

First coat: 1l is sufficient for approx. 22 m². Second coat is sufficient for approx. 88 m², depending on absorbency and surface properties of the subsoil is also considerably less.

Packaging: 0,25l; 0,75l; 2,5l; 10l; 30l


Store in a cool, tightly closed place. If skin forms, remove before re-use. If necessary, strain the oil. Originally sealed  at least 2 years stable.


According to local, official regulations. Dried product residues can be disposed of with household waste. Waste code: EAK / EWC 08 01 11

Dilution and instrument cleaning

Clean with solvent Avalon Verdunnung.

Precautionary statements 

Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. Keep out of reach of children. IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER/doctor if you feel unwell. Do NOT induce vomiting. Avoid release to the environment.
Dispose of contents/container according to local regulations.
Always be sure to store cleaning cloth, polishing pads, sponges, etc. that are still wet or even slightly moist with product in an airtight metal container or in water and dispose, as there is a danger of spontaneous combustion caused by the plant oil content in the product.
The product alone will not undergo spontaneous combustion. A typical smell may arise due to the natural raw materials. During sanding wear mask against respirable dust.


Safety data sheet available on request.