Avalon Pflanzenseife – natural soap concentrate

Avalon Pflanzenseife is a universal cleaning and daily care product.


30 – 50 ml in 10 l water.


1 l – EUR 12,10

2,5 l – EUR 29,04

10 l – EUR 109,75

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For the cleaning of surfaces made of wood, cork, linoleum, PVC and stone. Especially suitable for heavily soiled surfaces. Recommended especially for maintaining surfaces treated with Hard Oil and and other wood treatment products. Pflanzenseife Soap has strong cleaning efficiency, lipid regulating. Made of pure vegetable and renewable materials.


Transparent, yellowish.


Water, soy fatty acids, potassium soaps made of coconut oil and palm oil. The surfactants are biodegradable according to the Detergent Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004.


Daily cleaning

Shake the soap concentrate well before use. Wash the floor with warm water with added soap concentrate. Depending on the degree of soiling of the floor, 50-100 ml of soap concentrate should be added to 10 l of water. Remember, the floor must be cleaned with a damp, not wet cloth! Heavily dirty areas can be cleaned by pouring undiluted soap concentrate on a cotton cloth and rubbing the affected area. For larger dirt, you can use the green felt/pad. Immediately afterwards, wash the soapy area thoroughly with clean water and a damp cloth. Note that soap concentrate is a product that washes away dirt and some wax from the surface of the wood. Avalon Bodenmilch floor milk should also be used for regular daily cleaning (please refer to the technical instructions for the product).

General cleaning

Floors with medium load in living spaces should be cleaned every 3 months. Heavily loaded floors in schools, hotels, shops, offices must be cleaned monthly. If necessary, general cleaning can be done more often.
The concentration of soap in water varies, depending on the amount of dirt and the layer of wax on the surface, from 100-1000 ml per 10 liters of water to a maximum ratio of 1:1. General cleaning is performed with a polishing machine and a green felt/pad. If the floor is not very dirty, then the amount of soap concentrate applied to the water can be reduced. The soap mixture is applied to the floor with a brush and washed thoroughly with the polishing machine. The soap mixture will wash off the dirty layer of wax and clean the dirt from the pores of the wood. After that, the floor is washed several times with clean water and a wet cloth to remove the washed dirt from the surface and also to make the surface not slippery. Remember, the floor must be cleaned with a damp, not wet cloth!

After cleaning, the floor should be treated with Avalon Bodenmilch floor milk or Avalon Refresher liquid wax.

Packaging and consumption

Approx. 30 – 50 ml in 10 L water for daily use.

Packaging: 1 l, 2,5 l, 10 l


Store dry, cool and sealed. Originally sealed at least 2 years stable.


According to locally regulated laws. European Waste Catalogue (EWC) 07 06 01.

Cleaning up 

Immediately with water.

Precautionary statements 

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid release to the environment. Dispose of contents/container according to local regulations. Surfactants are biodegradable according to the Detergent Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004.


Safety data sheet available on request.