Avalon Refresher – natural liquid wax

For the treatment and restoration of oiled, waxed and glazed wooden surfaces.


On a pre-treated surface, apply with a polishing machine about 100 m² / l, using another type of application about 50-100 m² / l.


0,25 l – EUR 9,91

0,75 l – EUR 24,20

2,5 l – EUR 59,29

10 l – EUR 183,92


* The terms of the contract and the right of withdrawal can be found in the Documents section.


* This product is one of the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 255, 22nd article exceptions, where the customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.


The wax is suitable for the treatment and restoration of oiled, waxed and glazed wooden furniture and paintings. After complete drying, the surface is waterproof with an antistatic effect. Tested in accordance with DIN EN 71, Part 3. Officially recognized as compliant with toys.




Linseed oil, linseed oil stand oil natural resin ester, linseed oil stand oil, orange oil, isoaliphatic, beeswax, micronized wax, carnauba wax, pineoil, clay, rosemary oil and lead-free drying agents.

Surface preparation

The surface must be dry, firm, clean and free of grease and dust. Pre-treat the wood with AVALON oils or glazes.


The product must be mixed thoroughly before use! The liquid wax is best present on the surface with an applicator, in an even, thin card and vigorously polished to the surface with brown felt/pad by hand or using a polishing machine. In places where the liquid wax was applied too much, it must be removed with a cloth. After about 20 minutes, the surface should be polished with white felt/pad and excess wax that has not soaked into the wood should be completely wiped off. A sticky and mottled surface (glossy and matte stains) means that the wax has been applied incorrectly. The room and surface temperature must be at least + 10ºC.

Drying time

At 23 ° C and 50% rel. Humidity and application with the ball of cloth approx. 20-30 minutes. When applied with a brush, roller or

Spray 30-120 minutes depending on the amount applied. Otherwise 24 hours.


See oiled and waxed floor care instructions. With Avalon floor milk and Avalon soap concentrate (see product technical instructions).

Packaging and consumption

1l is sufficient for bale application and pretreated surfaces for approx. 100 m². For other types of application approx. 50-100 m². Depending on the absorbency and the nature of the surface of the sub-floor, this can be considerably less.

Packaging: 0,25l; 0,75l; 2,5l; 10l


Store in a cool, tightly closed place. If skin forms, remove before re-use. If necessary, strain the oil. Originally sealed  at least 2 years stable.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.



According to local, official regulations. Dried product residues can be disposed of with household waste. Waste code: EAK / EWC 08 01 11

Dilution and instrument cleaning

Clean with solvent Avalon Verdunnung.

Precautionary statements 

Keep out of reach of children. IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER/doctor if you feel unwell. Do NOT induce vomiting. Avoid release to the environment.
Dispose of contents/container according to local regulations.
Always be sure to store cleaning cloth, polishing pads, sponges, etc. that are still wet or even slightly moist with product in an airtight metal container or in water and dispose, as there is a danger of spontaneous combustion caused by the plant oil content in the product.
The product alone will not undergo spontaneous combustion. A typical smell may arise due to the natural raw materials. During sanding wear mask against respirable dust.