Pafudima Rundschnur – round cord for filling large joints

Closed-cell polyethylene-foam cord for filling wide expansion joints; prevents bonding of BergerTool Pafudima in three directions.

Bag of 30m
6 mm or 8 mm – EUR 29,65


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Pafudima Round Cord is a closed-pore polyethylene foam cord for filling wider expansion joints (from approx. 5 mm) in parquet and wood block paving floors. Filling the lower part of the joint with Pafudima Round Cord increases the durability of the joint seal and reduces the quantity of AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color and AquaSeal® PAK-Stop required. In particular, this prevents adhesion of the sealing compound on 3 sides, i.e. also downwards onto the screed. If the BergerTool Pafudima Round Cord is used in the lower part of the joint, the subsequently applied AquaSeal® Pafudima Flexfill Color parquet join sealing compound or AquaSeal® PAKStop can only be adhered horizontally on 2 sides. Pafudima Round Cord and AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color and AquaSeal® PAK-Stop are ideal matched and complement one another. Pafudima Round Cord stands out thanks to its high flexibility and its handling ease, and also provides the subsequently applied sealing compound the necessary resistance. Thanks to its closed-pore structure, the round cord is completely water-repellent, absolutely tear-resistant and is more resistant to mechanical influences. Pafudima Round Cord meets all 1973 requirements for joint sealing compounds and backfilling material laid out in the DIN 18540. The product does not absorb water, and is also solvent-resistant and generally chemical-resistant.

Instructions for use: 

applied into the joint by hand or with a blunt tool, e.g. a spatula. Steps must be taken to avoid damage to the surface of the material. Pafudima Round Cord is available in a diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm. The diameter of the selected round cord should be slightly wider than the joint (approx. 10- 25%) to ensure that the round cord is held firmly in place. Then the upper part of the joint is injected with AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color or filled with AquaSeal® PAK-Stop .

Pafudima Round Cord is available as follows: Ø 6 mm in a box à 750 m and in a bag à 30 m. Ø 8 mm in a box à 450 m and in a bag à 30 m. We recommend fitting the round cords directly from the box because this protects them from dirt and damage until they are required.


BergerTool Pafudima Round Cord has a shelf life of more than four years, if stored in a cool and dry place protected from UV light.