Brilliance AquaSatinPolish – care and renewal wax

Water-based polishable care product for oiled and oiled/waxed parquet and hardwood-floors.
Depending on substrate and working method: approx. 30-40 ml/m2
1 l – EUR 26,73
5 l – EUR 119,55


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Brilliance AquaSatinPolish is a colorless water-based semi-synthetic maintenance product containing wax for oiled and waxed parquet and hardwood floors. It is an extremely efficient care product and can be buffed after application.

Giscode: GE10.

Note: sensitive and very absorptive wood species must not be flooded with Brilliance AquaSatinPolish. Sparingly apply a uniform coat, otherwise the joints of the floor may be damaged. Avoid puddles and do not leave any soaked cloths or pads on the floor in order to avoid stains. Floors previously treated with Brilliance FitPolish require basic cleaning with Brilliance Cleaner L91/KH-Verdünnung (thinner) before Brilliance AquaSatinPolish is applied.

Application: shake well before use. The surface to be treated must be completely clean. Especially parquet and other wooden floors are cleaned using a mop, soft broom, vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Heels marks and stains are removed punctually using Brilliance Cleaner L94 and a soft cloth. Do not use any steel wool, steel chips or any other abrasive tools.

First and basic maintenace: for basic maintenance, Brilliance AquaSatinPolish is applied in a thin uniform laying by using the BergerTool Wischwiesel or a soft cloth. If the surface looks non-uniform, for example, in case of insufficient wetting, the area can be equalized using a white pad after the maintenance film has dried.

Regular maintenance: for regular cleaning and care, 0.2–0.3 l of Brilliance AquaSatinPolish is added to about 8-10 l of water and the floor is wiped with a damp or gauze cloth.

Basic cleaning: for slight soilings, such as heel marks, grease, stains etc., a soft cloth is moistened with our water-based Brilliance Cleaner L94 and the soiled area is gently rubbed. In case of large surfaces, the cleaner is be sprayed on the floor and the surface is treated with a buffer and a white
pad (under the rotary disc machine). Afterwards, the floor is wiped with clear water in order to remove the dissolved care film.

Important note: do not flood the floor during maintenance or basic cleaning in order to avoid damages due to swelling of the wood. After cleaning, the surface is wiped with clear water.

Consumption: depending on substrate and working method: approx. 30-40 ml/m2

Storage/transport: shelf life of original unopened packing 24 months min. provided that material is transported and stored at a cool and dry place protected from freezing.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.



Even when working with materials that contain a small amount of harmful substances, it is necessary to follow the generally accepted labor protection regulations. Keep the product out of the reach of children.