Brilliance BioSoap – natural soap concentrate

Cleaning agent to be added to water for wet cleaning, and for a pure soap treatment of raw wood surfaces.
Approx. 300 m2/l, depending on quantity used.
1 l – EUR 17,16
5 l – EUR 78,71


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Cleaning agent to be added to water for wet cleaning, basic cleaning of oiled hardwood flooring and for a pure soap treatment of raw wood surfaces. The product is based on gently saponified vegetable oils and waxes.
Giscode GU50

Degree of gloss: used as additive to wiping water, Brilliance BioSoap does not affect the degree of gloss.

Oiled floors: please note that an oiled floor does not only require cleaning but also a maintenance product from time to time. As soon as the floor looks leached out, washed out, worn or similar, it must be treated with a compatible maintenance product.
Coated floors: brilliance BioSoap can be used as cleaning agent for wet cleaning of floors treated with film-forming oils or oil-resin finishes.
For water-based coatings, we recommend Brilliance NeutralCleaner or Brilliance Cleaner L94 for cleaning. In addition, Classic BioSoap can be used diluted on sealed and other smooth surfaces (risk of slipping if the concentration of soaps is too high).
If requested, Brilliance BioSoap can also be used a pure soap treatment of floors.

Always keep cleaning agents out of reach of children!

Applicaton: used as additive to wiping water for regular maintenance: Remove dirt using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Mix half a cup (approx. 50 ml) of Brilliance BioSoap with approx. 5 l of warm water. Damp wipe the floor.
Carefully remove sticky dirt with a white pad and soap solution.

Basic cleaning: dilute Brilliance BioSoap 1:4 with water, apply evenly with a mop to the floor and wet with an abrasive pad (green, black) or a brush to rub the floor. Immediately afterwards, wipe off/vacuum clean the cleaning solution and clean with clean water. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly. Oil the dried soil with Classic BaseOil or Classic 100ProOil.

Drying: after drying the floor is ready for use/further processing.

Consumption: approx. 300 m2/l, depending on quantity used.

Transport/Storage: shelf life of original unopened packing 24 months min. provided that material is transported and stored at a cool and dry place protected from freezing.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.