Cordless pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 EB-Basic

Item number 576530
Technical data
– battery voltage: 18 V
– stroke rate: 1 000 – 3 800 min⁻¹
– pendulum cover adjustment in stages: 4.00
– cutting depth in wood: 120.00 mm-
– cutting depth in NF metals: 20.00 mm
– cutting depth in steel (soft): 10.00 mm
– Li-ion battery capacity: 4.00 Ah
– weight with Li-ion: 2.30 kg
– drive type: battery


With these two, even tight curves feel like straight lines. With 3800 strokes per minute, the high-performance, energy-efficient EC-TEC motor gives you powerful, fast sawing progress every time. Always guaranteed: Utmost precision thanks to the specially developed hammer guide and the guide jaws featuring parallel adjustment. They act as a third guide to keep the saw blade on track with no compromises. And the fact that top performance does not merely relate to sawing results is also shown by the ergonomic design of our cordless pendulum jigsaws, which enables you to work tirelessly for sustained periods.
– excellent behaviour in curves thanks to threefold saw blade guide and rigid lifter rod
– simple handling thanks to the softgrip and ergonomic design
– electronic switch-on/off on both sides, reachable in every grip position
Fast, tool-free changing of tables, baseplates and saw blades
– easily visible scribe mark through stroboscope light and powerful extraction
– powerful cutting stroke for rapid working progress
– ideal in combination with the Li-HighPower battery pack: – weighing not even 600 grams, it is both 20% lighter and 50% more compact than a 5.2 Ah standard battery pack
– the cordless pendulum jigsaw in a Systainer³ can also be seamlessly integrated into bott vehicle equipment for easy transportation from the workshop to the construction site. Systainer³ products are compatible with one another and can be connected to all previous Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories, such as roll boards or the mobile workshop.
Main applications:
– cut-outs for sinks and kitchen hobs
– trimming work on furniture, kitchens, for interior fitting
– cutting circles and curves
– coping end strips
– cutting workpieces to length
– edge notching on beams
– putting from below