Multi-disk sander DISCUS

Disc sander for sanding new and old parquet, wooden floors and stairwells, as well as painted floors.

Weight: 79 kg
Power: 2.9 kW
Large disc: 450 mm
Interchangeable discs: 140 mm


*The price includes VAT.



Multifunctional disc sander for sanding, polishing, brushing, washing new and old parquet, multi-layer parquet and wooden floors.
Easy to transport. Removable large / main disk.

The grinder ensures optimal dust extraction. They accumulated in a dust bag provided for this purpose.

Grinding machine weighs: 79 kg,

Engine power: 2.9 kW.

Disc speed: 140 rpm

Main disc size: 450 mm

Interchangeable discs: 4 x 140 mm

Disc 4 x 140 mm.

Disc for felts 450 mm.


Set with replaceable discs and brushes.