Rapid charger SCA 8

For all Li-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS)
Item number 200178

Technical data
– charging current: 8,0 A
– input voltage: 220 – 240 V
– weight: 1.10 kg


The new battery packs have an integrated cooling duct that reduces the cooling time and shortens the entire charging process by up to 65%. In other words: Your tool is ready to use again sooner – for interruption-free work, even for high-energy applications such as sawing.
– faster reuse of battery packs thanks to AIRSTREAM technology (cooling function for faster availability) and significantly increased charging capacity
– always up to date: LED display shows the remaining battery life and charge status
– sensible storage: Space-saving with a secure cord holder
Simple wall mounting through elongated holes on the rear
– optimum use in machines with high power consumption and short downtimes
– now with at least double the charging capacity (TCL 3)
with AIRSTREAM function
– lithium-ion (Li-ion) replacement charger for all 10.8 – 18 V battery packs
Items included:
– in self-service display pack