SolvSeal LT Export Extra – universal varnish based on modified natural oils

1-component, universal varnish based on high-quality modified natural oils, with a very wide range of applications.
1 roll/paint coat: Approx. 100 ml/m2 resp. approx. 10 m2/

10 l (gloss or semigloss) – EUR 239,58


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SolvSeal LT Export Extra is a universally applicable 1- component seal based on high quality modified natural oils. SolvSeal LT Export
Extra contains solvents and its binders are made from vegetable raw materials. This also applies to critical types of soil such as on edge lamella
parquet, no impregnated wood paving or planks, Parquet on underfloor heating and swinging structures in sports halls. SolvSeal LT Export Extra has a low side-gluing effect. Giscode: KH1

Degree of gloss: semi-gloss, glossy

Note! Soaked rags, pads and other working material as well asoil/wax in connection with sanding dust or the like must be moistened with water or
deposited in a closed bucket to be disposed in a safe way – danger of auto-ignition. The product itself is not auto-ignite.

Application: the material is rolled or painted in 3 layers. An intermediate sanding between the layers ensures maximum optics. The intermediate
sanding is necessary after 15-18 h. To ensure proper adhesion. The material is ready to use. If you still want to dilute it, use Brilliance Cleaner L 91 KHVerdünnung. For softwoods such as fir, spruce or pine, resin spills can occur, which can lead to drying delays or optical impairments. Considering the stress class, the use of SolvSeal UniQuickPrimer may achieve an improvement here. SolvSeal FK Gelb can also be combined with SolvSeal LTExport Extra. The use of the Classic Plus can lead to the following improved properties: less odor, faster drying, better resistance and more floury sanding dust. Sealers in this category contain solvents that easily dissolve wax residues from pores and joints. This can lead to considerable drying delays, matt spots and adhesion problems (up to complete delamination), especially in previously waxed floors. Therefore, in these cases either a different type of seal should be used or isolated with SolvSeal UniQuickPrimer in moderately stressed soils.

Cleaning of the tools with SolvSeal Universal-Verdünnung or Brilliance Cleaner L 91 KH-Verdünnung

Drying: the paint can generally be used after 48 h (23 ° C / 50% relative humidity). Sealing of “wax-contaminated” surfaces can lead to considerable drying delays.

If this case has occurred, then the over-sealing must be maintained until the seal is properly dry and completely tack free. With poor ventilation, lower
temperature, other air humidity and increased layer thickness drying can be significantly delayed. Do not load before 8-14 days, place or maintain
carpets. Ventilate well for the first two weeks after sealing.

Consumption: depending on substrate and method: 1 roll/paint coat: approx. 100 ml/m² resp. approx. 10 m²/l.

Storage / transport: Shelf life of original unopened packing min. 24 months provided that material is transported and stored at a cool and dry place.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.