SolvSeal PafukiSuper – solvent-based putty solution

Solvent-based, colorless wood-filler solution for self-production of wood-filler with good filling capacity. The wood color shade is achieved by admixing the matching wood flour.
Approx. 50 ml/m2 resp. approx. 20 m2/l

Dry time
Ready for sanding after approx. 20-30 min.

1 l – EUR 20,36
5 l – EUR 78,77


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Clear, solvent-based product based on quickly drying nitrocellulose and is used for preparing wood fillers. SolvSeal Pafuki Super is used for filling joints, cracks etc. of all kinds of wooden substrates, such as parquet, hardwood floors, furniture etc. Giscode: G2.

Application: SolvSeal Pafuki Super is viscous and ready for mixing with 10-20% of sanding dust of the last but one sanding procedure (grain size 100 min.) Until a pasty compound suitable for trowelling is achieved. SolvSeal Pafuki Super is suitable for filling joints up to max. 2 mm. In case the filler compound is too liquid, it will settle down inside of the joints during the drying process whereas a too viscous compound may lose adhesion to the wood after drying and may be torn out of the joints during the following sanding procedure.

Always use fine sanding dust of the wood to be filled. The substrate must not be fibrous for a good filling. For this reason, sanding dust from the longitudinal sanding with the belt grinder is not suitable. We recommend using grinding dust from a rotary grinder (e.g., single or multi-disc machine).

Joints exceeding 2 mm should be filled with chips or other suitable material, e.g. AquaSeal® PAK-Stop or AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color before SolvSeal Pafuki Super is applied. The sanding dust as well as the surface to be treated must be clean and free from wax and dirt.

Pasted up wood filler should be used up quickly without leaving any excess since residues will dry and darken very quickly.

The surface is finally screened after it is sufficiently dry. This final sanding must ensure that no residues and impregnations by the wood putty on the surface of the soil are still present. A floor treated with SolvSeal Pafuki Super can be recoated with any finish of our product range.

Drying: standard climate 23°C/50% rel. humidity and normal filling of a floor with tight joints: Ready for sanding after approx. 20-30 min. in case of small joints. Large joints will increase drying time. The same applies to changes in climatic conditions (lower temperature). Too early sanding of the puttied floors can cause the risk of self-ignition when using high-speed

Consumption. depending on substrate and working method: 1 trowel coat: approx. 50 ml/m2 resp. approx. 20 m2/l Depending on the type and extent of the joints and the absorbency of the wood, the consumption can increase significantly.

Storage/transport: shelf life of original unopened packing min. 15 months provided that material is transported and stored at a cool and dry place.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.