AquaSeal Pafuki — шпаклевочная масса для смешивания с пылью

Шпаклевочный раствор на водной основе.


Примерно 50 мл на 1 м² или 1 литр на 20 м².

Время высыхания

Около 30-45 минут.


1л — EUR 16,35

5л — EUR 62,80




AquaSeal® Pafuki is a water-based filler solution for the preparation of wood filler or joint putty. AquaSeal® Pafuki is used for filling joints and cracks within all kinds of wooden surfaces, e.g. hardwood and parquet flooring.
AquaSeal® Pafuki is mixed with abt. 10% sanding dust into a pasty ready-to-trowel mass. It is recommended to use the fine sanding dust of a one or multiple disc machine (e.g. edger). Unsuitable for this use is the dust got from longitudinal sanding with a belt sander. Joints up to max. 2 mm width are to be richly trowel-filled with the compound. Filler mixtures containing an insufficient quantity of sanding dust will settle down in the joints during the drying process. In case the mixture contains too much sanding dust, adhesion between the filler and the wood may be insufficient after drying so that the filler is torn out of the joints during the next sanding.
The paste prepared with sanding dust should, if possible, be quickly and completely trowel-spread with our BergerTool AquaSeal® Trowel (stainless steel). After drying the last fine sanding is done. This fine sanding must make sure that no residues are left on the floor’s surface.
A floor treated with AquaSeal® Pafuki can be coated with any of our finishes. In all cases it must be made sure that the mass is thoroughly dried through!
The wood filler should be prepared in a container so as to avoid spots in the wood. Always use the sanding dust of the floor to be trowelled.
Joints wider than 2 mm, prior to treating with wood filler, should be filled with wood chips or other suitable materials, such as AquaSeal® PAK-Stop and AquaSeal® Pafudima FlexFill Color. The sanding dust and the surfaces to be repaired must be free of wax and dirt.
standard climate 23°C/ 50% rel. humidity, surface can be sanded after approx. 30-45 min., large joints and cavities may delay drying. Do not sand before the surface is sufficiently dry.
Depending on floor surface and method:
1 trowel coat:
approx. 50 ml/m2 resp. approx. 20 m2/l
Depending on the kind and dimensions of joints, the consumption may increase.