Tiefengrund D7 — дисперсионная грунтовка

Высококачественная грунтовка для впитывающей основы, очень глубоко впитывается в поверхность. Без растворителей


Рекомендуемые инструменты для нанесения

Короткий велюровый валик, кисть.

Время высыхания впитывающей поверхности

Около 2-4 часов.

Время высыхания, если поверхность чувствительна к влаге

До 12 часов.


Около 150 г / м².


10 кг — EUR 66,67 (6,67 EUR/кг)


High-quality, especially fine dispersion for absorbent substrates with excellent depth effect, solvent-free according to TRGS 610.
Indoors and protected outdoor areas for priming strongly absorbent cement screeds. As undercoat on anhydrite and gypsum screeds when laying permeable coverings. As primer for cement and anhydrite screeds before parquet adhesion.
Recommended tools:
brush, short brush velour roller.
apply evenly and undiluted to substrate with a roller. Do not pour onto the substrate in order to avoid localised oversaturation. Puddle formation is also to be avoided!
The drying time is dependent on the floor temperature, air humidity and the absorbency of the substrate. For absorbent substrates and normal climate, a drying time of 1-2 hours is sufficient, also for the adhesion of parquet with synthetic resin adhesives.
Drying on absorbent substrate:
approx. 2 hrs.
Drying on moisture-sensitive substrate:
up to 12 hrs.
Suitable substrates:
— standard mineral substrates; — cement screeds and concrete floors:
— calcium sulphate screeds;
— prefabricated screed.
Not suitable on:
Plastic, metal, coatings, as undercoat before parquet adhesion based on dispersion.