Gepa-Bond 446 – 2-komponentu poliuretāna līme

Augstas kvalitātes, ūdeni un šķīdinātājus nesaturoša, 2-komponentu poliuretāna līme ar ļoti zemu emisiju EC1/R. Nobīdes izturība saskaņā ar DIN 281, EN ISO 17178. Piemērota apsildāmajām grīdām.


Apmēram 0,9-1,3 kg/m².

Žūšana uzsūkstspējīgām virsmām

Apmēram pēc 72 stundām.


10 kg – EUR 36,30 (EUR/kg 3,63)

Cena norādīta ar PVN.


* Līguma un atteikuma tiesību noteikumi atrodami sadaļā Dokumenti.


* Šis produkts ir pieskaitāms pie MK 255.noteikumu 22.panta izņēmumiem, kad pasūtītājs nevar izmantot atteikuma tiesības.


Solvent-free, water-free, 2-component reaction-resin adhesive.
For adhesion of: Strip parquet 16-22 mm; industrial parquet; 8 mm mosaic parquet; solid boards; largeformat multi-layered boards; 2 and 3-layer prefabricated parquet; 22 mm wood block paving on underlay. Carry out trial test when gluing exotic woods.
can be stored frost-free, cool and dry on wooden shelves in the unopened original container for: 365 days.
Recommended tools:
notched trowel B3, B5, PK/B11, B15, B17.
add component B completely to component A and mix with an electric mixer until an even, smear-free compound is created. Ensure complete mixing of the container in floor and wall area! Always mix complete containers to avoid wrong mixing ratios. The adhesive hardens through a chemical reaction, which is heavily temperature-dependent. Higher temperatures shorten, or lower ones delay the pot life of the adhesive. That is why it is important to only mix as much adhesive as can be processed within the limited pot life.
the adhesive is to be applied to the whole surface of the substrate with a suitable notched trowel within the pot life. Working time is approx. 40-50 minutes. The parquet is to be laid in the adhesive bed with gentle sliding motions and pressed down firmly, so that the rear side of the parquet is fully covered with the adhesive. Walkable after approx. 4 hours. At the earliest after 12 hours, the laid parquet floor can be sanded for the first time. Remove adhesive contaminants in freshly laid state with R 500 cleaning cloths. Once set, the adhesive can only be removed mechanically.
Can be walked on:
after approx. 4 hrs.
comp. A approx. 1.86 g/ml, comp. B approx. 1.23 g/ml.
Working time:
approx. 40 – 50 min.
Final strength:
after approx. 72 hrs.
consumption depending on substrate, parquet type and toothing: toothing B3, B5, PK/B11, B 15: approx. 0.8 – 1.5 kg/m2,
toothing B17: approx. 1.8 kg/m2.
Pot life:
approx. 50 – 60 min.

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