Regardless of your wishes – to restore a hundred-year-old wooden floor, to sand 15 years ago varnished parquet or freshly laid wooden floor – the work process will require sanding, filling works and polishing before you treat the floor with any suitable treatment. Preparing the floor before treatment is very important process. In our store you will find the most suitable sanding papers, fillers, sieves and pads for this process.

We offer a wide range of high-quality GEPA sanding paper of various grains from Germany: zirconium, alumina, ceramic sanding belts and sanding discs suitable for most sanding machines. As well a large selection of grain is available for double discs, sanding paper, sieves, multi-hole pads, polishing and sanding pads. Cutting sanding paper is available on cloth and paper.

Very often in the wooden floor appear a cracks. Especially in homes with central heating, where the air is very dry in winter and humid in summer. When the humidity in the room changes, cracks appear. On the other hand, after laying the boards, they lose their moisture and shrink, creating cracks. Of course you can already leave the floor as it is after you cleaned the cracks with the vacuum cleaner. But if you want to close the cracks, you can fill the floor with hard filler or elastic filler. Using hard filler, when the boards shrink in the dry air, appear ugly cracks but when the boards expand, there will be no space for the filler, tension will form in the floor and it may throw a “pump”.

It is better to use elastic filler to close the cracks in the floor of the boards, which does not crumble and will allow the wood to expand and shrink freely. Although in wet weather the boards will swell, the cracks will be compressed and the elastic filler will be lifted slightly, but in drier air it will remain in place and no cracks will appear.

We offer Berger-Seidle professional flexible and elastic fillers in different colors.
The friendly Abschliff team will help you choose the most suitable product for sanding and filling your floor.