Oiling is a traditional way of treating parquet, wooden floors and wooden surfaces, which is the most common in Europe. By using oils, all the natural benefits of wood are preserved. The oiled surface retains the wood relief and natural beauty. As well the dust and dirt stand out less on an oiled floor. It will be more pleasant to walk barefoot on an oiled floor, because it will be warmer.

One of the advantages of an oiled floor is that oiled floors can also be restored in parts – covering only those boards that are very dirty or otherwise damaged with new layers of oil. Special products, special cleaning products and polishing materials/cloth are available for this purpose. However, oiled floors are relatively demanding in terms of care.

We offer natural AVALON oils and professional Berger-Seidle oils, which are available in both colorless and colored- more than 50 different colors for coloring wooden surfaces, which can also be mixed to create a color that suits your interior.
With the help of colored oils you can turn a simple pine or spruce floor into walnut or teak. With the help of colored oil, you can turn a new tree into an old, antique tree.

Once the color is selected, the next step is to make a sample. This is necessary because there is no two similar trees in the world. For example: when making a sample on different pines, the same color will look completely different, because the tree also gives its color. Therefore, it is important to apply the oil directly to your wood. It would be useful to look at a sample of the finished tone in the room where the colored wood is intended. Lighting, light from windows, wall color, etc. can visually change the color.
Once the color is confirmed you can start oiling process.
To maintain the natural appearance of the wood, it must be treated with colorless oil. The colorless oil will highlight the texture and color of the wood.

The range of Avalon natural and Berger-Seidle professional oils is very wide – we offer oils for medium and heavy loads, glossy and matt, especially water-resistant, oils for interior and exterior, as well oils for children’s toys, wooden dishes, stone.