People who want to sand parquet or wooden floors on their own have a lot of questions about how to do it correctly. Depending on the type of wood, how evenly the floor is laid, whether it has been treated with varnish, oil, paint or not treated with anything, sanding will vary. Sanding will be different for differently laid parquet (herringbone, pattern, etc.) and floorboards.

Theoretically, a wooden floor can be sanded manually, but it is a difficult job that requires a lot of time, so it is better to use sanding machines. We offer to buy or rent them from us at especially attractive prices. Prices depend on the model of the machine. We offer a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner that can be installed on a polishing machine, various polishing machines, edge machines, belt machines, which differ mainly in power, weight, size of a belt or sanding disk for the machine.

For sanding small rooms, up to 60 m², we offer belt sending machine- Tornado for rent. Larger rooms (rooms over 60 m²) require a more powerful sending machine- Hurricane. Edge sanding can be done by hand or by renting a special edge sanding machine- Taifun. For surface polishing, as well for the application and polishing of oil and wax we offer polishing machine- Golia. On weekends, we offer to rent equipment for a very attractive price.

To rent a sanding machine must be prepared an identity document(passport or ID) and a security deposit of EUR 200.00 to EUR 450.00.

Remember that each floor is different and sanding will be different for each floor. It is important to understand with which sanding machine, with which grain and quantity of sanding papers necessary, in which directions your floor should be sanded.
We will be happy to give you a professional consultation in our store