Nowadays-big attention is placed on naturalness in the interior and wood is one of the most used materials since ancient times, which with its naturalness creates coziness and warmth in the room. Wooden floors are natural, easy to care for, beautiful and with much better sound isolation than other flooring.

Wood is a material that has stood the test of time. Everyone has heard about the restoration of 100-year-old parquet, but there is no laminate or any other flooring that could be restored and that would last for many years.

The tree is alive and with its various structures creates a pleasant, healthy atmosphere in the room. The tree does not cause allergies.

Wooden floor has an advantage over other flooring, because you can create it in different patterns, put different types of wood together, color it, thus creating the desired interior and room atmosphere.

In order for a wooden floor to be load bearing, protected from moisture and dirt, it must be treated.

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