Varnishing is the most popular form of parquet protection. Proper application of varnish makes parquet beautiful and resistant. Varnished parquet floors are perfect for private houses, apartments, as well for spaces with high and low traffic. Varnish provides a variety of visual options, as they are available in matte, semi-gloss and glossy. In recent years, ultra-matte varnishes that do not change the color of the wood have become popular, and the wood looks untreated, but with high abrasion resistance.

There are a lot and varied of varnishes- in composition, hardiness and color. For private houses and apartments water-based varnishes are most often chosen, which are without smell, environmentally friendly and harmless to human health. Water-based varnishes will minimally change the color of wood; it will be able to retain its natural color without yellowing.
Berg-Seidle solvent- based varnishes will make the wood yellow. When choosing a solvent based varnish, you must pay attention the unpleasant smell, which will disappear until the varnish is completely dry, the room is ventilated and varnish is crystallized.

Varnishes are divided into resistance, from the varnish for the bedroom to the varnish for the parquet floor with a very high traffic- public spaces, gyms, as well as steps.

A very popular treatment in recent years is the coloring of wooden floors with Berger-Seidle Classic BaseOil oil, available in more than 40 colors, and varnishing with Berger-Seidle water-based varnish. The end result is a colored and varnished surface. In our store you can see samples of colored oils on different types of trees, as well also samples of different varnishes.