AquaSeal FlexPrimer – flexible primer

High-quality water-based acrylate primer reducing side bonding, for application beneath our AquaSeal finishes.
Approx., 100 ml/m2 resp. 10 m2/l

5l – EUR 81,50 reduced price. The basic price of the product is EUR 101,88


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* This product is one of the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 255, 22nd article exceptions, where the customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.


Description: AquaSeal FlexPrimer is a high-quality water-based acrylate primer reducing side bonding, for application beneath our AquaSeal finishes. AquaSeal FlexPrimer features a medium grain enhancement and a neutral color look. It can be applied on all floors sanded down to the wood base. Giscode W2+.

Special notes

Not suited as topcoat. The Primer has a low side-gluing effect and is recommended especially for edge lamella parquet and under floor heating. For exotic woods we recommend our AquaSeal ExoBloc.


AquaSeal FlexPrimer is roller applied uniformly rich onto the puttied and sanded raw wood. If the coat applied is too poor there is the risk of a non-uniform color picture, which shows even only after the subsequent finish coats.

Being a primer, AquaSeal Flex Primer due to the danger of sanding through should not be intermediately sanded; a slight beheading of upstanding wood fibres though is possible. The trowel application crosswise of AquaSeal FlexPrimer is possible on suitable wooden substrates. Nervous or heavily absorbent wood species, for example beech, maple and ash or dried woods must not be trowelled but roller-coated! The conditions as per DIN 18 356 are to be met. Do not apply this material with temperature below 15°C floor temperature. Clean the working tools with water.


Recoatable after 1 h at 23°C/50% rel. humidity. With a view to the wood we recommend one rollered coat per day, so that the wood can give off the absorbed water. In case of bad ventilation, low temperature or increased coat thickness the drying may be delayed considerably.


Depending on wood surface and method of working: 100 ml/m2 resp. 10 m2/l . When applying onto heavily absorbing surfaces (such as beech) an increased consumption must be expected.

Factory finished engineered wooden flooring: this primer is not suited to additionally supplemental coat the UV-engineered wooden flooring.

Storage/ transport

Shelf life of original unopened packing min. 15 months provided that material is transported and stored at a cool and dry place protected from freezing.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.