AquaSeal ExoBloc

AquaSeal ExoBloc is a 1-component primer with strong grain enhancement properties and excellent adhesion on many floors. Thanks to its high blocking effect against a variety of wood ingredients it makes sense to use this product on most exotic woods.
Approx. 100 ml/ m2 resp. approx. 10 m2/ l

Recoatable after 1-2 h

5l – EUR 85,00


AquaSeal ExoBloc is an effectively blocking, adhesion- assisting one-component primer.
Formulated on the basis of acrylate polymers, this primer is well-filling and coat-building. AquaSeal ExoBloc is suited for most of the exotic wood species, furthermore, the whitening by salt residues is significantly reduced. It additionally supports the isolation and blocking of ingredients of exotic wood types and has an intensifying effect on the wood color.
Special advice
AquaSeal ExoBloc should not be sanded. (risk of sanding through into the wood and the successive color change by the finish). When AquaSeal ExoBloc dries it turns glossy. The following products can be used as topcoat for AquaSeal ExoBloc:
– AquaSeal 2KPU
– AquaSeal GreenStar
– AquaSeal CeramicStar
– AquaSeal EcoGold
– AquaSeal EcoSilver
– AquaSeal SmartHome
AquaSeal ExoBloc is uniformly and richly applied by rollering.
Recoatable after 1-2 h, standard climate 23°C/50% rel. humidity. In order to avoid excessive swelling pressure, we recommend to apply only one coat by roller a day, so that the wood has enough time to set free again the water absorbed. Bad ventilation, low temperatures, different humidity or thick coats may delay drying considerably.
Depending on wood surface and method: 1 rollered coat: approx. 100 ml/ m2 resp. approx. 10 m2/ l .When applying AquaSeal ExoBloc onto heavily absorbing surfaces (such as beech/cherry) an increased consumption up to approx. 150 ml/m2 must be expected. The additional application of paint is to be reduced in the following topcoat layers.