Avalon Hartwachsol – colored hard wax oil

Hard-wearing, satin finish made of oils, wax and resins.


1 litre covers approx. 25 m2 (30 – 50 g/m2), depending upon the condition and absorbency of the surface. Always do a test coat.


0,25 l – EUR 15,45

0,75 l – EUR 31,73

2,5 l – EUR 83,78


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The silky matte natural oil Avalon Hartwachsöl is designed for extremely heavy loads, forming an oil-wax-resin coating on the surface. Ideal for high load parquet and wood floors, stairs, furniture, wood panels, terracotta (clay) surfaces, etc. Especially suitable for the public sector.

Giskods: Ö60.

Technical data: the oil highlights the natural wood structure, deepening and enhancing the wood tone. The surface treated with colorless oil is yellow. Tinted oil highlights the wood structure by coloring it. The oil-impregnated surface is silky matt and the surface retains open wooden pores. The treated surface is very durable and water repellent. The oil complies with DIN 68861 and has been tested for chemical resistance to water, coffee, beer, cola, red wine, etc. Complies with DIN 53160 – resistant to saliva and sweat. According to DIN EN 71 Part 3, officially recognized as suitable for children’s toys.

Ingredients: castor oil-natural resin mixture, wood oil-growing oil, wood oil-castor oil-growing oil, kaolin, alumina, zinc carbonate, talc, isoparaffin, micromised wax, silica, mineral pigments (except colorless oil) . Maximum VOC content 390 g / l. The EU limit value is a maximum of 700 g / l (category F from 2010).

Surface preparation: the surface must be clean, dust-free and dry (wood moisture not more than 14%). The room temperature must not be lower than + 16º C. The drying time will increase at ground temperature. Sanding the wood surface must be completed with a polishing machine and 120 grain sanding sieves.

Application: The oil is used for priming and indoor treatment of all absorbent surfaces. Can be used for various solid wood surfaces, cork, terracotta and ceramic tiles, screed floors, glued wood panels, OSB, etc. For highly absorbent surfaces (cork, spruce, etc.) it is recommended to apply Avalon Hartöl deep impregnating oil in the first coat.

Mix the oil thoroughly before use. It is recommended to apply the oil with a trowel or oil brush, in an even thin layer. After about 15-20 minutes, polish the surface with a single-disc polishing machine and green felt/pad so that no unabsorbed oil remains on the surface. If the oil is applied too thickly, wipe off the excess oil with a well-absorbent cloth before polishing. After 16-24 hours, apply the next layer of oil and polish the surface with white felt. If the surface remains rough after the first coat, the surface should be polished with 150-180 grain mesh or purple felt/pad. After polishing the surface with a sieve, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of dust so that the next layer of oil can be present. Cork surfaces require 3 coats of oil. Before processing, test the oil in a small area. Ensure good ventilation when treating the surface, otherwise a strong oil odor may remain in the room.

Surface care and finishing: wash the surface treated with Avalon Hartwachsöl with Avalon Pflanzenseife soap concentrate by wet cleaning (approx. 10-30 ml per 10l of warm water) and, if necessary (if the surface looks worn and stains appear), care with Avalon Refresher care wax . Avalon Bodenmilch can be used for regular surface care with wet cleaning (approx. 30-50 ml per 10l of warm water). For heavily loaded surfaces (schools, offices, etc.), after 4 weeks of oil crystallization, the first cleaning should be done with Avalon Fussboden und Mobeleach wax, use Avalon Pflanzenseife soap concentrate for daily cleaning. Further care should be done as needed with Avalon Refresher care wax. Avalon Bodenmilch can be used for regular surface care with wet cleaning (approx. 30-50 ml per 10l of warm water). Please, in addition, read the technical instructions for the products.

Drying time: at + 20º C and 50-55% relative humidity, about 6-12 hours. After 16-24 hours present 2 coats. The surface should only be gently loaded after 3 days. Full load after 7-14 days.

Packaging and consumption: depending on the type of wood and its absorption capacity: first coat approx. 25 m² per 1 liter. Apply a test coat to test the wood’s ability to absorb oil.

Packaging: 0.25l for 6 m², 0.75l for 18 m², 2.5l for 60 m².

Storage: store in a cool, dry place. Pour the remaining oil into a smaller package and close tightly. Shelf life, at least, 5 years.

Disposal: In accordance with local regulations. Dried oil can be disposed of with household waste.

Dilution and instrument cleaning: With Avalon Verdϋnnung solvent.

Safety instructions!

Materials impregnated with the product, such as polishing cloths, sponges, applicators, etc., must be stored in an airtight metal container or moistened with water and disposed of due to the risk of spontaneous combustion due to the presence of flaxseed oil in the product. The product itself cannot ignite spontaneously. Do not dispose of residues in sewage. Keep out of reach of children. Also when working with materials that contain a small amount of harmful substances, it is necessary to follow the generally accepted labor protection regulations.