Brilliance FillAndFinish – gel care product

Initial-care polish prevents the penetration of moisture through the head and side joints of prefabricated hardwood-floor elements.
Depending on floor and working method: 10-15 g/m2
0,5 l – EUR 34,50


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Brilliance FillAndFinish was especially designed as joint protection for prefinished hardwood floors. This product prevents the penetration of water caused by wet-cleaning at the head and side joints. It is based on modified vegetable oils and waxes. Compared with former wax products, Brilliance FillandFinish has a low solvent content and a different method of application. Please read this data sheet carefully and test your own working method on a small surface.

Note: saturated cloths, pads and other tools must be deposited in closed containers. Oil/wax in combination with sanding dust, cloths etc. must be watered and deposited in a closed bucket resp. disposed of in accordance with fire protection regulations – risk of self-ignition.

Application: the surface to be treated must be dry and free from dust. We recommend treating the floor in sections.

Application of Brilliance FillandFinish: Brilliance FillandFinish should be applied by means of a metal trowel with round edges, a plastic spatula or a rubber wiper. In case a rubber wiper is used, please check if it is dissolved by the white spirit.

Apply Brilliance FillandFinish to the rubber wiper, wait for 60 sec. and wipe it off with a white cotton cloth. If the cloth turns black, the rubber wiper is not suitable. The polish must penetrate into the joints as deeply as possible in order to achieve the best possible water resistance. On the surface, Brilliance FillandFinish should be carefully scraped off as far as possible so that buffing is facilitated.

Buffing of Brilliance FillandFinish: immediately after application, the surface must be buffed. Buffing must be completed before Brilliance FillandFinish begins to dry. Therefore, the sections to be treated at a time should not be too large. For large surfaces we recommend using a buffing machine. It is necessary to place an absorptive lint-free cloth underneath the white pad in order to absorb any excess material. High-speed buffing machines are also suitable. Small surfaces can be polished with lint-free cloths. Buffing is completed if the surface has the same appearance as before the application of Brilliance FillandFinish.
If the product is too dry before or during polishing, the surface can be redissolved and made polishable with Brilliance Cleaner L91 (sprayed with pump spray bottle). Do not walk on the floor before it is dry. After a drying time of 24 h the floor can be treated with a water-based maintenance product. We recommend using Brilliance Everclear. Tools are cleaned with Brilliance Cleaner L91.

Drying: at 23°C/50% rel. humidity: Do not walk on the floor for approx. 60 min. after the polishing process. Application of basic maintenance product after 24 h.

Consumption: depending on floor and working method: 10-15 g/m2.

Storage/transport: shelf life of original unopened packing 24 months min. provided that material is transported and stored at a cool and dry place.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.