SolvSeal SportMarking color – color for marking sports fields

SolvSeal KH-Field Marking Paint is a marking paint covers all necessary colors and can be combined with SolvSeal LT Export Extra.
Color Shades
White, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red
1l – EUR 85,32


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SolvSeal KH-Spielfeldmarkierungsfarbe (marking paint) is a one-component varnish based on quick-drying synthetic resins which is used for marking lines on hardwood floorings in sports halls and for coloring sports hall finishes (not for polyurethane systems!).

white(RAL9010)tennis: 4 cans
black(RAL9005)basketball: 4cans
blue(RAL5010)volleyball: 2 cans
green(RAL6010)badminton: 2 cans
orange(RAL2004)handball: 6 cans
yellow(RAL1007)handball: 6 cans
red(RAL3000)handbball: 6 cans
The quantities stated are based on standard lines in a standard sports hall.

6-8 m2 per can resp. about 80-100 m marking line, consumption per standard field as mentioned in item 2.

In standard climate 23°C/50% humidity. Start of drying: after 1-2 hours; dry to touch: after 4-6 hours, recoatable: after 8- 15 hours.

SolvSeal KH Spielfeldmarkierungsfarbe can be brushed or rolled. Cleaner L91 KH-Verdünnung (thinner) is used to dilute or clean the tools. Based on a 3-fold structure of SolvSeal LT-Export Extra, the following working methods have proven their value:

a) Marking lines
– 1 x SolvSeal LT-Export Extra – slight intermediate sanding
– marking line
– 2 x SolvSeal LT-Export Extra
– 2 x SolvSeal LT-Export Extra – silght intermediate sanding
– marking line
– 1 x SolvSeal LT-Export Extra.
The boundary of the marking lines is made by a suitable adhesive tape, which must be firmly adhered throughout to avoid infiltration. In general, one rich scroll or spread application is sufficient to achieve a covering marking line.

b) Transparent coloring of surfaces
Complete areas (for example, penalty areas) can be coloured using this method. Depending on the intensity of color required, 1% to max. 10% of marking paint is added. The marking paint is mixed with the SolvSeal LT-Export Extra and stirred up carefully. The following system is used with roll or flat brush:
the color-mixed SolvSeal LT-Export Extra is applied 2 to 3 times according to the desired color intensity. In any case, make a slight intermediate sanding before the last layer. Intermediate sanding is also always necessary if the waiting time between the individual layers is longer than 15-18 hours. In principle, the less color additive and the more dyeing layers are applied, the smoother the color effect.

c) Covering coloring of surfaces
Set marking line.
The areas to be colored over the entire area are sealed with SolvSeal LT-Export Extra, into which approx. 30-40% of the field marking color has been added. Carefully stir. Apply colored sealant 1-2 times by rolling. If the drying time is too long (longer than 15-18 hours), it is important to do intermediate sanding.

colored surface finishes with marking paint must not be screened to the bare wood. Apply the last seal with SolvSeal LT-Export Extra. It has proved useful at the opaque colored area, to add 2% marking paint to the last sealing layer again to suppress the intrinsic color of SolvSeal LT-Export Extra.

We recommend preparing a small test surface subject to approval by the customer in any case. Colorless sealing of colored surfaces may result in undesirable color tone deviations due to the inherent coloration of the seals (for example, white, red, etc.). Therefore, make a preliminary coloring before.
Please refer to our Technical Data Sheet for SolvSeal LT- Export Extra.



Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed.