AquaSeal 2KPU

AquaSeal 2KPU is a 2-component, waterborne, premium-class finishing product for hardwood-floors. It is based on polyurethane and offers outstanding resistance and an universal highend applicability. Available are 5 gloss levels from glossy to naturalwhite, which features an extremely matt surface and therewith an almost invisible finishing result.


1 roller/brush coat: approx 100 ml/m2 resp. approx. 10 m2/l depending on degree of gloss


Can bee sanded and walked on after 3-4 h.
Do not expose to wear, cover with carpets or apply care products for 7 days.


With roller, brush or stainless steel trowel


naturalwhite, royalmat, mat, semigloss, gloss


1,65 l – EUR 65,51
5,5 l – EUR 159,40



AquaSeal 2KPU is a two-component waterborne finishing product based on polyurethane. The product has a very high chemical and abrasion resistance and is suitable for high-traffic hardwood floors. Due to its elastic properties, AquaSeal® 2KPU is also suitable for untreated cork surfaces.
Degree of gloss
Naturalwhite, royalmatt, matt, semigloss, glossy
Special instructions
To minimize gluing on the sides, AquaSeal ExoBloc, AquaSeal FlexPrimer, Classic Baseoil or SolvSeal UniQickPrimer may be used alternatively as primer. Other- wise the product may be used too as complete system.
: Prior to the application, AquaSeal 2KPU is mixed with AquaSeal 2KPU Härter (hardener/mixing rate 10:1) in a bucket or in the BergerTool MixBox. Mix well right after adding the hardener. A rest period of 10 min. before processing ensures an optimum processing. The pot life of the mixture is 2 h, i.e. the mixture remains liquid for about 1 day, however, in that case it should be used as trowel primer only (decreased resistance of the dry finishing film). Only mix the quantity re- quires for application. The mixture releases CO2 – so, to avoid the cans bursting, do not seal hermetically. The material is applied in 2-3 coats by roller/brush.
Special tips
Contrary to conventional solvent-based finishes, AquaSeal 2KPU finishes should be applied in rich layers. The material should not be excessively spread with the roller.
The degree of gloss “naturalwhite” represents an exception. It is especially recommended for light woods to preserve the raw wood look. 2KPU naturalwhite has to be rolled in 3-4 thin layers. Consumption per layer approx. 70-90 ml/m2. Trowel- ling is not recommended.
Depending on the optically desired color and brightening intensity, the last two layers can optionally be reduced by the gloss level royalmatt or increased with Classic BaseOil white or naturalwhite as a primer. AquaSeal® FlexPrimer can also be used as a primer. So, an individual color shape is possible.
Apply at a maximum of 2 coats per day to avoid excessive swelling pressure. As a rule, the finish itself can be cautiously sanded and walked on after 3-4 h at 23°C/50% rel. humidity. Insufficient ventilation, low temperature, different humidity as well as thicker finish coats will considerably delay the drying. The coat is loadable under standard conditions after 24 h. Do not expose to wear, cover with carpets or applies care products for 7 days.
Depending on substrate and working method: 1 trowel coat: approx. 30 ml/m2 resp. approx. 35 m2/l; 1 roller/brush coat:
approx. 100 ml/m2 resp. approx. 10 m2/l depending on degree of gloss.

Special instructions

Please avoid to interchange the hardeners of the different degrees of gloss.
Industrial coated prefinished hardwood floors
AquaSeal 2KPU is suitable for recoating many prefinished hardwood floors, however, due to the great number of prod- ucts available, it is not possible to make any general state- ments. For this reason, individual adhesion tests are neces- sary in each case. We recommend basic cleaning with Brilliance Cleaner L94 Wachsentferner and wiping with clear water followed by careful screening with 120 grid prior to recoating.