AquaSeal CeramicStar

AquaSeal CeramicStar is a 2-component, waterborne, premium-class finishing product for hardwood-floors. It is based on polyurethane and offers outstanding resistance, an universal high-end applicability and a lower level of viscosity.
1 rollered/brushed coat:about 100 ml/m2 or about 10 m2/l
About 3- 4 hours
With roller, brush or stainless steel trowel
mat, semigloss
5,5 l – EUR 139,49



AquaSeal CeramicStar is a two-component, water-based premium-class hardwood-floor finish based on polyurethane. The product is highly abrasion resistant, universally applicable and has a low viscosity adjustment and can be easily processed. Supported by its ceramic components it provides an outstanding robustness. The product is recommended for fast construction sites because treated floors are quickly usable after 24 h already. Furthermore, the product is well-suited for renovating old floors garning a maximum of safety by blocking old substances in the floor, such as salt.
Degree of gloss
Matt, semigloss
Special advice
in order to reduce the risk of sidebonding, AquaSeal FlexPrimer, AquaSeal ExoBloc, AquaSeal Spachtel- Gel, Classic BaseOil or SolvSeal UniQuickPrimer can be used as primer alternative. The finish is particularly suited for old floor renovation. In case of very dirtied old floors we recommend to do a test area so as to recognize early on the effects of critical problems of the floor.
AquaSeal CeramicStar is mixed shortly before use, 10:1 with AquaSeal Härter (hardener) in the combo can or in the BergerTool MixBox. Mix well right after adding the hardener. Give the mixture 10 min. to rest, so to get the optimum usability. The mixture is good for 2 h (open time); that is though the mixture is liquid for about 1 day, because of declining resistances of the dried finish film, after 2 h it should not be used any more. Mix only as much material as you will need. The mixture releases CO2 – so, to avoid the cans bursting, do not seal them hermetically!
The material is applied in 3 coats by roller/brush. Critical wood species such as beech, maple and ash shall not be trowelled, do roller them!
Special tip
contrary to conventional solvent-based finishes, AquaSeal® finishes should be applied in rich layers. The material should not be excessively spread with the roller. In order to achieve optimum mixing of the hardener, the hardener should be shaked in and not stirred in.
In order to avoid excessive swelling pressure, we recommend to do only one rolled coat of water-borne finish per day, so that the wood has enough time to release the absorbed water. As a rule, the finish itself can be sanded and cautiously walked on for further work after 3-4 h at 23°C/50% rel. humidity. Insufficient ventilation, low temperature, different humidity as well as thicker finish coats will considerably delay the drying.
Under standard conditions the finished floor can be put to use after 24 h. Do not cover with carpets or apply care products for 7 days.
Depending on surface and way of work:
– 1 trowelled coat when trowelling between coats: about 30 ml/m2 or about 35 m2/l ;
– 1 rollered/brushed coat: about 100 ml/m2 or about 10 m2/l.
Prefinished works-coated wood parquet
AquaSeal CeramicStar adheres well to man prefinished wood parquets, but because of the multitude of these products no conclusive general statements can be made. Generally, individual adherence tests should be conducted with each brand of flooring. In prior tests it has proved well to, prior to lacquering, thoroughly basic-clean the floor with Brilliance Cleaner L94Wachsentferner (wax remover) and thereafter to mop the floor with clear water; after the floor has dried it shall be matt-screened carefully with grid 120.